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We are proud to present the TOP FIVE reasons to VOTE for Suzy Montero for Civil District Court Judge, with a new one released each day.



Alliance for Good Government

Crescent City Democrats

Forum for Equality

Independent Women’s Organization (IWO)

Lakeview Area Voters Association (LAVA)

Mid City Democrats

New Orleans Coalition

Our Revolution-New Orleans

Orleans Parish Republican Executive Committee (OPREC)

Regular Democratic Organization of LA (RDO)

I have known Suzy Montero since 1995 when I went to work with her at Martzell & Bickford. On my very first day, Suzy was the person who showed me around the office and helped me get my office set up. I worked with her on a daily basis from then until I left the firm in 2001. Subsequently, I was fortunate to work with her again for four years as a contract paralegal.

In all honesty, I have never had the opportunity to work with anyone who had such a strong moral sense and such a fine grasp of the law. Every day working with her was a pleasure. I have been in trials with her in Civil District Court, Juvenile Court and US District Court and in every case, she was prepared, knowledgeable and able to work very, very long hours without losing her sense of humor. Her ability to pivot without losing her stride was amazing.

Suzy is also one of the kindest, most generous people I have ever known. Two years ago, a young family member of mine was desperately ill and on life support. I didn’t have the funds to travel across country to be with her and her family. Suzy quietly funded the trip for me and for my son, airfare and 10 days in a hotel, with no discussion of my paying her back. It was such an act of grace and I will never forget what she did for us.

I no longer live in Louisiana. Suzy and I have kept up but I miss working with her every day. Seldom has someone come into my professional and personal life who has made a bigger impact. She deserves to be elected Judge of Civil District Court. Orleans Parish needs her.

– Mary Wiggenhorn, Letter to the Editor, Times Picayune

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